Sanding blocks FAPI-EVO – TRIPLE-FLEX20210224122532

Sanding blocks FAPI-EVO – TRIPLE-FLEX

Melanie Wiesiollek24.02.20210 comments
Sanding blocks FAPI-EVO – TRIPLE-FLEX! Maximum flexibility for best edge rounding! Suitable for LISSMAC and GECAM....
Deburring discs FAPI-M14 12520201117152415

Deburring discs FAPI-M14 125

Melanie Wiesiollek17.11.20200 comments
NEW! Deburring disc FAPI-M14 125!! Now also available as double row version!...
Slag discs FAPI-PIN20200831125818

Slag discs FAPI-PIN

Melanie Wiesiollek31.08.20200 comments
The slag disc FAPI-SOLID is the optimal tool for the removal of slag! Convince yourself of our new slag disc FAPI-PIN....
TRIPLE-FLEX D25020200519120618


Melanie Wiesiollek19.05.20200 comments
3 rows! – maximum flexibility! For even more effective processing of complex inner contours! Perfect deburring and rounding result!...
Deburring discs FAPI-SOLID20200519095030

Deburring discs FAPI-SOLID

Melanie Wiesiollek19.05.20200 comments
FAPI-SOLID achieves a process improvement due to the often higher use of abrasives. It is deburred and rounded faster and in a shorter time. Convince ...
PREMIUM-LINE – Deburring discs and -rollers20191205122910

PREMIUM-LINE – Deburring discs and -rollers

Melanie Wiesiollek05.12.20190 comments
Premium-Deburring discs and -rollers! High-Tech abrasives for particularly high standards!...
FAPI-STARGRINDER the new deburring machine20191122090613

FAPI-STARGRINDER the new deburring machine

Melanie Wiesiollek22.11.20190 comments
The deburring machine FAPI-STARGRINDER is the next generation of manual deburring machines for small and medium production series....
Deburring tools for Timesavers machines20190319231423

Deburring tools for Timesavers machines

Melanie Wiesiollek19.03.20190 comments
From 2018 we have the possibility to supply also end users and resellers directly....
Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX 2.020190319222621

Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX 2.0

Melanie Wiesiollek19.03.20190 comments
We have improved the appearance of our deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX! All incoming orders for deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX with an outer diameter of 350 m...