Deburring tools for Timesavers machines20190319231423

Deburring tools for Timesavers machines

david19/03/20190 comments
From 2018 we have the possibility to supply also end users and resellers directly....
The new generation of deburring rollers20190319231117

The new generation of deburring rollers

david19/03/20190 comments
With our latest developments it is now possible to achieve a wide range of surface qualities. With the classical deburring roller FAPI-FLEX a simple e...
Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX 2.020190319222621

Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX 2.0

david19/03/20190 comments
We have improved the appearance of our deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX! All incoming orders for deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX with an outer diameter of 350 m...