Deburring discs FAPI-125

The deburring discs of the FAPI-125 series are the ideal tool for deburring on automatic, stationary deburring machines (e.g. Costa deburring machines) and are particularly suitable for processing larger series. The shank allows easy mounting and positioning of the deburring discs FAPI-125 on the deburring machine.

We will be pleased to advise you which fill variant is best suited for your application.

Product features

  • Ultra-fast setup times
    The shank allows easy mounting and positioning of the deburring discs FAPI-125 on the deburring machine.


  • Wide ranging facing materials
    The selection of different densities, fill lengths, abrasive cloth and abrasive fleece types can have a decisive influence on the deburring process. The optimum design of the deburring discs FAPI-125 can be determined from the process parameters dry or wet grinding, the material to be processed, the material thickness and the desired surface quality or roughness depth.


  • Picard tip
    The coarser the grain size of the deburring disc FAPI-125 is selected, the stronger the edge rounding on the workpiece becomes.
  • Individual lamellae position
    The deburring disc FAPI-125 has abrasive cloth flaps on the front which are supported by abrasive fleece flaps. Due to the special position of these flaps, deburring discs FAPI-125 can be manufactured individually for the respective machining process.


  • Made in Germany
    Without exception, all Picard tools and of course our deburring disc series are produced in Germany. High-quality products are the result of our production, from which you as our customer benefit.

Facing types

Picard Green(Standard fleece) | Soft fleece!
Picard Brown(Standard fleece) | Allrounder!
Picard Dark Grey (Special Fleece) | Smooth and fine!
Picard Blue (Special fleece) | Self-sharping!
Picard Violet(Special fleece) | High-grade!
Picard Yellow(Special fleece) | Wet & dry! Versatility!
Picard Maroon(Special fleece) | 1st in high stock removal!
Picard Sand(Special fleece) | Cut and polish!
Picard Grey(Special fleece) | Sharp grit!
Picard Red(Special fleece) | Rough and strong!
Picard Dark Blue(Special fleece) | Wide and flexible!
Picard GRV(Special fleece) | The water-resistant!

For further information about the abrasive fleece qualities please click here.

The deburring result can be decisively influenced by further optimisation of the setting arrangement as a double-row or Y-version.

Facing varieties

Why the different stock arrangements?

The single-row trimming is our standard version. Here we can influence the hardness or flexibility as well as the stock removal rate by using different non-woven abrasive variants in combination with abrasive cloth.

With our Y-version the fill is evenly compacted. Here the fill material is evenly distributed on the outer circumference and towards the centre of the deburring disc. This arrangement enables a higher removal rate to be achieved, as the fill can then be better adapted to contour-rich cut-outs.

The double-row version is the variant with the highest flexibility. By dividing the fill width, the fill can adapt even better to the edge and thus also deburr smaller cut-outs better. The fill hardness can also be adjusted by using our grinding fleece variants.

single-row (standard)


In many machining processes, such as punching, flame cutting, laser cutting or water jet cutting, an undesired burr remains at the interfaces of the workpieces. This burr can be removed with the aid of deburring discs FAPI-125. This deburring or edge rounding of sheet metal parts is carried out on automatic, stationary deburring machines (e.g. Costa deburring machines).


Diameter: 125 mm
Facing height: 50 mm
Shaft: 8 mm

Facing width:
30 mm (single-row)
37 mm (Y-version)
20 x 20 mm (double-row)