Deburring roller brushes FAPI-ROLL

All deburring roller brushes are designed for a very long service life. You can choose between a wide variety of fill materials. Steel and stainless steel wires, brass-plated steel wires or stranded wire are available. The deburring roller brushes are characterised above all by a very dense fill. This makes high performance deburring processes in the companies possible.


Deburring roller brushes are used on various stationary deburring machines. The deburring of tubes and cut edges on small and large parts is primarily carried out with deburring roller brushes.

Facing types

Image Occupation Diameter Strength range Application
steel wire 0,06 - 1,00 mm 1.800 - 3.000 N/mm destrimming, deburring, descaling, roughening, delacquering, abolizing, etc.
Bessemer wire 0,06 - 0,25 mm 800 N/mm surface technology by addition of oils, greases, or grinding pastes; polishing and matting
stranded wire 0,15 - 0,40 mm 2.400 - 2.600 N/mm Heavy deburring Working, roughening of leather and rubber, Tube deburring, Wire and woodworking
VA-wire 0,08 - 0,80 mm 1.600 - 1.800 N/mm Machining of VA workpieces and VA tools, e.g. surgical instruments
NE-metals, nickel silver, copper, phosphor bronze 0,06 - 0,50 mm 800 - 1.000 N/mm machining of brass parts, dyeing, textile industry
grinding bristle 0,45 mm grain 500 0,55 mm grain 320 0,89 mm grain 180 1,00 mm grain 120 1,20 mm grain 80 1,40 mm grain 46 silicon carbide (sharp grain) alumina (oval grain) edge rounding, deburring, timberworking, rubber roughening, surface finish
Nylon 0,10 - 1,50 mm --- Cleaning conveyor belts, Sorting, Washing, Dusting
horsehair --- --- Application, Fats, Washing, Dusting

Facing brushes

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Diameter: 250 to 400 mm

Working width: 55 to 700 mm

Hole: by arrangement or up to 120 mm