Combi rollers FAPI-WAX

The trend in favour of wax coatings on wooden furniture continues. Such as, all new kindergartens for example are equipped with waxed furniture exclusively, instead of previously painted furniture. Old, painted furniture is commonly re-finished. With our combi roller FAPI-WAX we provide our customers with an ideal tool with which wax could be applied optimally smoothly onto wood.

Product features

Combi rollers with a lamellar structure from top quality materials (sisal, leather, fleece, etc) have been developed in cooperation with our customers for final finishing of oil/wax coatings on furniture fronts. It is important to ensure correct timing with the dried wax coating because this can differ depending on the structure of the wax. On average the drying time is approx. 2 hours. Nevertheless, even with the optimum use of our combi roller FAPI-WAX it is necessary from time to time to dress the coating with a coarse abrasive cloth, for example fastened to a wooden board.


With our combi rollers FAPI-WAX, oil/wax are applied such that a silk matt effect is achieved on the wooden workpiece. Depending on the individual application case or the desired surface it may be advantageous to use a combi roller running in synchronism, as well as a second combi roller running in counter rotation. Used in this way, the combi rollers with the sisal cloth/leather and fleece materials produce a slightly glossy surface.

Picard tip:
You would like to produce high gloss wood surfaces? No problem. Take a look at our sisal cord/leather rollers, with which you can attain high gloss surfaces.

Cutting speeds

The cutting speed of the combi rollers FAPI-WAX should lie at approx. 6 – 8 m/s. The feed rate is approx. 4 m/min.


Due to predominantly tailored customer systems we adapt our combi rollers FAPI-WAX to the respective circumstances in terms of diameter, width and hole.

Diameter: 200 to 400 mm
Width: 100 to 1,500 mm