DP contact belt grinding and polishing machine

The contact belt grinding and polishing machines of the DP series can be used for a wide range of applications with motor outputs from 0.22 kW to 5.2 kW. Due to its double-sided design with optional combination of belt grinding and polishing, belt grinding only or polishing only, the DP series is a universal machine for industrial use.

Depending on the belt sanding arm, standard sanding belts with a length of 1,500, 2,000 or 3,500 mm and a maximum width of 50 or 100 mm can be used on the machine. The maximum contact wheel dimensions are 450 x 100 mm with a bore of 35 mm.

Not suitable for aluminium processing!

Product features

  • Very sturdy construction
    The stable design of the DP series ensures vibration-free operation.
  • Double sided version
    The machine is always supplied in a double-sided version. On customer request one side can be made “blind”. Thus, there is always a cost-effective and fast extension possibility available.
  • Stand version with 2 stand heights
    In addition to the table version, the belt grinder can also be equipped with a low column (600 mm) and a high column (1,000 mm) of the stand.
  • Quick band tension
    The fast belt tensioning allows a quick and easy belt change, so that the machine can be converted to other abrasive belts in the shortest possible time.
  • Space-saving design
    The vertical arrangement of the belt guide and the belt protection hoods results in a very space-saving design, which makes it possible to set up several machines in a very confined space.
  • Comprehensive range of accessories
    The accessories offered offer you the possibility of a quick conversion to other applications.
  • Main switch with motor protection and undervoltage tripping
  • Recent regulations
    Protective devices and steel protective hoods comply with the latest regulations and are constantly checked.
  • CE Conformity
    Legal conformity is a matter of course for us and has just as high a priority as the long-term, targeted and high manufacturing quality of our products.