Polishing rings FAPI-WAVE

This polishing ring is made of cotton cloth with a regular wave fold. It is the most aggressive polishing ring with, at the same time, optimum cooling.


  • cardboard core
  • cardboard ring


  • 16 layers
  • in a large variety of cloth qualities
  • other number of layers possible


  • closed


  • diameter: 300 to 500 mm
  • width: 10 to 25 mm
    depending on the number of layers


  • can be used for pre-polishing, polishing and finishing of all flat workpieces. It is used particularly on automated polishing machine, but also when processing manually on a pedestal polisher.

Picard tip

For gentle cleaning of the running surface and/or for opening when clogged with polishing emulsion/paste we recommend our polishing disc dresser FAPI-PLANER!