Cleaning rollers FAPI-CLEAN

FAPI-CLEAN cleaning rollers are made of nylon fabric interspersed with grain. The high-quality workmanship of the carefully selected material makes the FAPI-CLEAN cleaning roller a tool ideal for use in the metal, wood and stone industries. The disc-shaped arrangement of the lamellae prevents “tearing out”. In addition, a very smooth running of the cleaning roller FAPI-CLEAN is guaranteed.

When using the cleaning roller FAPI-CLEAN – similar to sandblasting – the base material of the workpiece is not removed.


The cleaning roller FAPI-CLEAN is used for the following machining processes, among others:

  • Cleaning and descaling of welding seams
    (especially on VA steel)
  • Pore-deep removal of rust, oxide layers and paint
  • Cleaning of wooden beams and bricks


[ in mm ]
[ in mm ]
[ in mm ]
100 100 19 with keyway
100 100 M14

Other dimensions on request!