Shaft round brushes FAPI-ROUND

Shaft round brushes FAPI-ROUND are used for processing in areas that are very difficult to reach. The shaft round brushes, which can be used on many machines, can be applied to a range of surfaces.


The main applications of round brushes FAPI-ROUND with shaft are on stationary machines, flexible shafts, drilling machines and pneumatic grinders,

  • Smoothing surfaces
  • Polishing casting seams and rubber/metal parts
  • Easy deburring
  • Removal of corrosion and paint

The round brushes FAPI-ROUND with shaft have proven themselves above all in automotive production and repair, Our round brushes with shaft are therefore commonly used in body construction, motor construction as well as in automotive repairs,


Diameter: 30 to 80 mm
Width: 5 to 17 mm
Hole: 6 mm

Other dimensions on request!

Facing types

ImageOccupationDiameterStrength rangeApplication
steel wire0,06 - 1,00 mm1.800 - 3.000 N/mmdestrimming, deburring, descaling, roughening, delacquering, abolizing, etc.
VA-wire0,08 - 0,80 mm1.600 - 1.800 N/mmMachining of VA workpieces and VA tools, e.g. surgical instruments
Brass0,06 - 0,50 mm800 - 1.000 N/mmmachining of brass parts, dyeing, textile industry
grinding bristle0,45 mm grain 500 0,55 mm grain 320 0,89 mm grain 180 1,00 mm grain 120 1,20 mm grain 80 1,40 mm grain 46silicon carbide (sharp grain) alumina (oval grain)edge rounding, deburring, timberworking, rubber roughening, surface finish
Nylon0,10 - 1,50 mm---Cleaning conveyor belts, Sorting, Washing, Dusting
Fibre------Application, Fats, Washing, Dusting

Brush facing

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