Grinding soap FAPI-SOAP / grinding grease FAPI-ATHOS

Our abrasive soaps and abrasive greases are made from the highest quality raw materials. This guarantees a constant quality of our products and an almost 100% reproducibility. Constant quality controls ensure a first-class quality standard.


  • extension of service life
  • Improvement of the grinding performance
  • Cooler ground joint
  • Costwise very favourable variant


Grinding soap and grinding grease are used to keep the grinding belt open for a longer time during the belt grinding process.

Our soap and grease have a life-extending effect, especially in the grinding of aluminium, where the abrasive belt is usually quickly lubricated. In addition, the use of grinding soap and grinding grease greatly minimizes temperature development during the belt grinding process.

Grinding soap FAPI-SOAP
Item no.: 361221065
Stand dimensions: 380 x 40 x 55 mm
Packaging unit : Carton á 15 kg

Grinding grease ATHOS-HELL-3 white
Item no.: 360900008
Stand dimensions: 140 x 70 x 50 mm
Packaging unit: Carton á 10 kg