Abrasive fleece belts

Our abrasive fleece belts are a three-dimensional abrasive made of nylon fleece interspersed with abrasive grain. Due to different grit sizes and different carrier materials, it is predestined for the treatment of almost all surfaces and guarantees a sophisticated surface finish in the treatment process.

Our non-woven abrasive belts are ideally suited for the finishing of all types of materials. Non-woven abrasive belts are used for cleaning light oxidations and rust on metal surfaces, for satining metal surfaces and for finishing stainless steel and painted surfaces. Non-woven abrasive belts are used, for example, for structural sanding of coils or sheet metal, for fine sanding of turbine blades or in container construction.


Grundsätzlich kann man die Vliesprodukte in zwei Anwendungskategorien unterscheiden:

  • Aluminium oxide (Al2O3) non-woven abrasive belts
    Non-woven abrasive belts interspersed with Al2O3 are mainly used in metalworking and woodworking.
  • Silicon carbide (SiC) non-woven abrasive belts
    Non-woven abrasive belts interspersed with SiC are mainly used in the processing of painted surfaces and plastics. In the field of stainless steel processing, they are used when a reflective surface finish is to be achieved.

Picard tip:
Especially when grinding on contact wheels, the influencing factor “contact wheel” should not be underestimated. With the selection of the right contact wheel, up to 40% more power can be achieved in the belt grinding process – also when used with non-woven abrasive belts.

Grain size comparison


Width: 3 to 1,400 mm

Length: individually selectable