Non-woven grinding wheels FAPI-KLETT

The FAPI-KLETT non-woven abrasive discs can be used on any grinding disc with Velcro adhesive system. Combined in this product are a fast and aggressive abrasive action, as well as an excellent service life. The FAPI-KLETT grinding fleece discs can be changed quickly and easily thanks to the Velcro system.


The FAPI-KLETT non-woven grinding wheels can be used to process a wide variety of materials such as steel, stainless steel, aluminium, titanium, titanium alloys, fibreglass, plastic and resin glass. Due to this versatility, FAPI-KLETT non-woven grinding wheels are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Machines for the chemical and food industries (production and maintenance)
  • Production of stainless steel furniture
  • Automotive industry
  • Railway construction
  • Shipyards
  • Aviation industry
  • Production of propellers and jet engines
  • Stainless steel scaffolding
  • Manufacture of articles of plastic

Abrasive fleece discs FAPI-KLETT SC

(Surface Conditioning)

The fleece disk FAPI-KLETT SC is used for surface treatment. The primary goal in the machining of the workpiece is its surface and not its removal rate.

Abrasive fleece discs FAPI-KLETT HD

(Heavy Duty)

The fleece disk FAPI-KLETT HD is used in machining processes where high stock removal rates are required. The primary goal in machining the workpiece is to achieve a high stock removal rate with good surface quality.


diameter [ in mm ] maximum revolution number [ n max ] fleece quality
Aluminium oxide Coarse Colour: brown Aluminium oxide Medium Colour: red aluminium oxide Very Fine colour: blue silicon carbide Ultra Fine color: gray
100 15.150 1/min
115 13.300 1/min
100 12.150 1/min
150 9.600 1/min
178 8.600 1/min
200 6.300 1/min

◊ = production type, delivery time on request!


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◊ = production type, delivery time on request!