Sisal cotton rings FAPI-WAVE

The sisal cotton ring FAPI-WAVE has a slightly flexible fill due to the wave folding. Both layers – both cotton and sisal – are laid over the ring in even waves. This results in both a uniform brushing effect and a uniform polishing effect at the same time.

The choice of the right sisal cotton ring, with the right folding, the right number of layers, the right impregnation and the right dimensions, has to be determined customer-specifically for the respective application.

Our employees with their many years of experience will be happy to advise you by telephone or at your site regarding a high-quality and cost-effective design of sisal nettle rings for your process.


  • cardboard core
  • cardboard ring


  • 3 layers of sisal fabric and 6 layers of cloth (cotton)
  • other number of layers possible


  • The sisal cotton ring with wave folding can also be provided with an impregnation selected for the respective application.


  • Drilling, width and diameter of the sisal cotton ring with wave folding can be selected individually.


  • for pre-polishing, fine grinding, brushing and matting of flat and slightly deformed workpieces/materials on polishing machines and/or for manual processing on polishing frames.