Serration grinding machine FAPI-WS 150 FLEX

The serration grinding machine FAPI-WS 150 FLEX is used to grind and hone serrated knives and scissors. It can however also be used for other grinding and polishing work. With the bayonet quick release system both on the right and the left and the 360° rotatable protective hood, the user is provided optimum with regard to set-up times, work times and versatility. The rotatability of the protective hood by 360° ensures the ability to select the ideal grinding position for your work.


The following tools are installed on the serration grinding machine FAPI-WS 150 FLEX as standard accessories:

Serration grinding wheel: Ø 150 x 80 mm, Profiles on request, standard from 0.25 - 9 mm
Expander wheel: Ø 150 x 50 mm, including abrasive sleeve, permanent possibility to carry out grinding jobs on the belt
Polishing ring: Ø 150 x 25 mm
Incl.: 1 Polishing compound
1 Spray can grinding oil

Special accessories

A large variety of grinding elements or accessories – in addition to the standard accessories – can be attached both on the right and left side of the serration grinding machine FAPI-WS 150 FLEX:

Abrasive sleeves: 50 x 478 mm in various grain sizes depending on customer requirements
Stone: Ø 165 x  20 mm (including sleeve), ceramic
Felt wheel: Ø 150 x  20 mm (including sleeve), for honing

Technical data

Dimensions: 520 x 220 x 230 mm

Mains supply: 240 V

Output: 0.2 kW

Speed: 2.800 1/min

Max. tool diameter: 150 mm

Max. width serration grinding wheel: 80 mm

Item number: 360820069