Workshop sanding machines with built-in extraction system

With the workshop grinding machines with built-in extraction, the working dust is effectively extracted using a protected process.

The extraction unit is installed in the stand of the machine. A water filter and a plastic upstream and downstream filter (also built into the stand) filter the dust.

Not suitable for aluminium processing!

Product features

  • Three-phase current or alternating current grinding machine
  • Very sturdy steel construction
    The exceptionally stable machine design ensures vibration-free operation even at maximum performance and thus a long service life.
  • Occupational safety
    The dust which is often generated during grinding and which is hazardous to health is extracted directly at the point of origin by the extraction system and thus contributes to healthy working conditions at the workplace.
  • Overcurrent and overvoltage protection
    All workshop grinding machines with suction are equipped with overcurrent and overvoltage protection. In addition, a triple lockable padlock is fitted as standard.
  • Accessories
    A wide range of accessories can be supplied as an option for the respective application.
  • Security
    The safety of the grinding machine is important to us and is constantly monitored. This is also reflected in the CE marking of every grinding machine.
  • CE Conformity
    Legal conformity is a matter of course for us and has just as high a priority as the long-term, targeted and high manufacturing quality of our products.

Technical data

[ in kW ]
Current typeDimensions disc
D x B x Hole
[ in mm ]
[ in 1/min ]
[ in kg ]
DS 04 / 175 A 0,25 three-phase current 175 x 25 x 51 2.900 83
DS 07 / 200 A 0,5 three-phase current 200 x 25 x 51 2.900 95
DS 12 / 200 A 0,9 three-phase current 200 x 32 x 51 2.900 108
DS 12 / 250 A 0,73 three-phase current 250 x 32 x 51 1.450 115
DS 15 / 300 A 1,1 three-phase current 300 x 40 x 76 1.450 160
DS 25 / 300 A 1,8 three-phase current 300 x 40 x 76 1.450 195

Technical data

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