Vienna lime FAPI-VIENNA

Vienna lime is a well-tried and extremely efficient cleaning and polishing agent and dates back to “great-grandmother’s times”. It is a purely mineral natural product without any chemical additives.

The extraordinary fine polishing property of Vienna lime is achieved by the finely ground lime. Thus, almost all surfaces can be polished with Vienna lime without noticeable material removal.


With the help of a damp cloth on which the Vienna lime is applied, the workpieces or objects are polished until the desired surface is obtained. The polished surface is then rinsed with water and dried. If the result does not yet correspond to the desired surface quality, it can be re-polished.

The surfaces of the following materials or objects can be optimally polished with Vienna lime: Stainless steel, silver, brass, copper, metals, glass, ceramic hob, hotplates, plastics, porcelain, ceramics, lacquered surfaces.

Viennese lime is not suitable for polishing acrylic car paints!

Occupational safety:
For reasons of occupational safety, we would like to point out that measures are taken during polishing to ensure that the dust is not inhaled during work.