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As a family company in the fourth generation, we have been one of the leading manufacturers of grinding, deburring, polishing and brushing tools as well as contact wheels and contact rollers for more than 110 years. We are also a recognized partner in a wide variety of industrial sectors. In addition to a very wide range of (standard) products, what sets us apart is above all the flexibility to react to customer requests as quickly as possible.

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It’s worth staying informed. We regularly present information about new products, company developments and career opportunities to you on our homepage. If you have any questions, you can reach us either at the headquarters or through your personal contact person.

Sanding blocks FAPI-EVO – TRIPLE-FLEX Maximum flexibility for the best edge rounding! Suitable for LISSMAC and GECAM.
NEW! Deburring disc FAPI-M14 125!! Now also available as double row version!
The slag disc FAPI-SOLID is the optimal tool for the removal of slag, which us caused by flame cutting processes. Convince yourself of our new slag disc FAPI-PIN.
3 rows! maximum flexibility! For even more effective processing of complex inner contours! Perfect deburring and rounding result!
FAPI-SOLID achieves a process improvement due to the often higher use of abrasives. It is deburred and rounded faster and in a shorter time. Convince yourself of our new series FAPI-SOLID.
Premium-Deburring discs and -rollers! High-Tech abrasives for particularly high standards!
The deburring machine FAPI-STARGRINDER is the next generation of manual deburring machines for small and medium production series.
We have improved the appearance of our deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX! All incoming orders for deburring rolls FAPI-FLEX with an outer diameter of 350 mm will be delivered with the high-quality ABS injection moulded part.
Today we are one of the leading manufacturers of grinding, deburring, polishingand brush tools, as well as contact discs or contact rollers and arerecognized partner in a wide variety of industrial sectors. In additionto a very wide range of…
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