Band saw rolls FAPI-SAW

For decades we have been supplying the furniture and wood industry with rolls and rollers with features that are tailored precisely to the intended use. In particular we produce and coat band saw rolls for band saw machines. As part of this service, we constantly enhance our coatings in order to attain optimum customer satisfaction with top quality products.

Product description

Clean central running of the band saw blade is predominantly dependent on the deflecting band saw roller. In the case of older machines or those in constant use it is often possible to observe the band saw blade moving further and further from its original position as its service life increases. This is usually due to the fact that the band saw blade has broken through the coating.

A new coating of the band saw roller is inevitable. Two coating types are available. Vulkollan®, a highly abrasion-resistant elastomer patented by Bayer, or alternatively a rubber coating.

Depending on the band saw machine manufacturer, the coating can be produced straight or with a convex surface. With the convex version the band saw blade automatically centres in the middle. With the straight version the band saw blade must be adjusted manually or automatically on newer band saw machines.


We produce in accordance with drawings or specifications.

Vulkollan® = registered trademark of the Covestro Group