Single section brushes FAPI-SINSEC

Single section brushes FAPI-SINSEC are used when narrow workpieces or profiled surfaces need to be processed precisely.

The working width of single section brushes FAPI-SINSEC is relatively small, although it can be varied by lining up multiple single section brushes in a row. Depending on the surface material, the robust single section brushes FAPI-SINSEC can be produced from soft up to highly aggressive working.


Single disc brushes FAPI-SINSEC can be used in a variety of ways, for example for/to

  • Derusting
  • Cleaning
  • Deburring
  • Processing welding seams
  • Removing scale
  • Removing paints

Facing types

Image Occupation Diameter Strength range Application
steel wire 0,06 - 1,00 mm 1.800 - 3.000 N/mm destrimming, deburring, descaling, roughening, delacquering, abolizing, etc.
Bessemer wire 0,06 - 0,25 mm 800 N/mm surface technology by addition of oils, greases, or grinding pastes; polishing and matting
stranded wire 0,15 - 0,40 mm 2.400 - 2.600 N/mm Heavy deburring Working, roughening of leather and rubber, Tube deburring, Wire and woodworking
VA-wire 0,08 - 0,80 mm 1.600 - 1.800 N/mm Machining of VA workpieces and VA tools, e.g. surgical instruments
NE-metals, nickel silver, copper, phosphor bronze 0,06 - 0,50 mm 800 - 1.000 N/mm machining of brass parts, dyeing, textile industry
grinding bristle 0,45 mm grain 500 0,55 mm grain 320 0,89 mm grain 180 1,00 mm grain 120 1,20 mm grain 80 1,40 mm grain 46 silicon carbide (sharp grain) alumina (oval grain) edge rounding, deburring, timberworking, rubber roughening, surface finish
Nylon 0,10 - 1,50 mm --- Cleaning conveyor belts, Sorting, Washing, Dusting
horsehair --- --- Application, Fats, Washing, Dusting

Brush facing

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Diameter: 100 to 450 mm
Working width: 15 to 35 mm
Mounting width: as per specification
Hole: as per specification

Other dimensions on request!