Deburring wheels FAPI-SW

The deburring wheels FAPI-SW are made from the same material used for flap grinding wheels. The significant difference is the highly elastic facing. This is achieved through individual disconnected slotted abrasive cloth packages, separated by a large distance to one another and fastened to the wheel hub.

The selection of the right deburring wheel for edge rounding or metal grinding must be customised to the customer’s requirements.
Our highly experienced engineers and application technicians would be pleased to advise you by phone or email regarding a high quality and cost-effective deburring wheel FAPI-SW for your process. Our employees will be available for you at any time.


Thanks to the highly elastic facing, the deburring wheels FAPI-SW are used mainly for fine grinding of wavy and curved metal workpieces. They are also often used to round the edges of laser cut, water cut or plasma cut workpieces. The optimal adaptation of the facing ensures optimal surface qualities resp. optimal edge rounding.


Diameter: 160 mm / 250 mm
Width: 50 mm
Hole: According to specification

Other dimensions on request!