Expander wheels FAPI-PA

The expander wheels FAPI-PA are an ideal grinding tool for working with every kind of abrasive sleeve. The expander wheels are supplied exclusively with a special grooved para rubber, whereby the abrasive sleeve is tensioned during operation by the centrifugal force. The para rubber (PA) coated expander wheels are in practice often simply called “rubber expander wheels” or abrasive sleeve holders


Advantages of the para rubber coated expander wheels:

  • Wear-resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Grease-resistant
  • Emulsion-resistant

Because of these outstanding properties, the expander wheels FAPI-PA have proven themselves in the market over decades.

Coating hardness

The hardness the of para rubber coating can be differentiated in two levels. The range extends here from a soft para rubber coating with 45° Shore (A) to a somewhat harder, so called medium-soft, para rubber coating with 60° Shore (A). A softer or harder coating would result in individual `ribs´ expanding too little or too much during operation, as a result of the exerted centrifugal force to tension the abrasive sleeve correctly. On customer’s request we produce also expander wheels FAPI-PA in other hardness.

Important: The correct choice of Expander disc hardness always depends on the individual application.


In addition to the sale of new expander wheels, as a service, we also recover used expander wheels insofar as we can determine that this is possible. This provides our customers with a cost-effective alternative to the purchase of a new expander wheel.


Diameter: 50 to 450 mm

Width: 20 to 200 mm

Hole: according to specification