Mounted flap wheels FAPI-FLEECE

The mounted flap wheels FAPI-FLEECE consist of individual non-woven lamellae. The lamellae are fastened fan like around the tool’s axis. During operation, the mounted flap wheel works elastically – because of its non-woven web surface – and adapts easily to the shape or contour of the respective workpiece. The mounted flap wheel has a shaft diameter of 6 mm and can be used easily on hand grinders and satin finishers.


Mounted flap wheels FAPI-FLEECE are used for the following purposes:

  • Matting
  • Satin finishing
  • Polishing
  • Smoothing
  • Final finishing of tool surfaces (especially stainless steel)


Diameter: 40 to 80 mm

Width: 20 to 50 mm

Shaft Ø: 6 mm

Grain size: Medium/K60, Medium/K80,

Fine/K100, Fine/K150, Fine/K240