Felt polishing belts FAPI-FILZ

Felt polishing belts FAPI-FILZ are in use in industry today for high gloss polishing, i.e. for surface finishing. In this process the polishing grain is put on the surface of the felt polishing belts FAPI-FILZ in the form of solid or liquid polishing compound or polishing emulsion and in dense fibre structures. During processing, and with the correct choice of the technical felt, it is possible for temperatures of up to 700°C to occur without having an effect on the felt polishing belt FAPI-FILZ. Using felt belts in practical applications it is possible to attain roughness depths on workpieces of µ.

Picard tip:

Blunt grain on the felt polishing belts FAPI-FILZ should be removed from time to time using coarse abrasive paper.


Thickness: 5 to 25 mm

Width: up to 2,100 mm

Length: up to 23 m