Felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS

Felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS are produced from high quality hard-compressed wool felt. High edge stability and effectiveness of the felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS are attained due to the hardness and density of the felt body. Our felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS, which possess superb elasticity, are used in particular with large and easily accessible surfaces. In order to attain an optimum surface finish our felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS are used in conjunction with polishing compound.


Felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS are used for polishing by a range of companies and are employed for example in processing applications for

  • Pressed and injection moulded forms
  • Drawing, pressing and cuttint tools
  • Sheets of all types of material
  • Rollers
  • Gauges

Cutting speed

The optimum cutting speed of our felt rollers FAPI-GLOSS lies in the range of 5 – 10 m/s


Diameter [ in mm ] Width [ in mm ] Hole [ in mm ] Hardness rating
100 100 19 with keyway DIN 61200