B200/150S surface belt sander

The surface belt sander of the B 200/150S series is the robust and reliable machine for high and maximum demands in single and multi-shift operation. The basic equipment alone shows the machine’s versatility for a wide range of grinding tasks on a variety of materials.

Not suitable for aluminium processing!

Product features

  • Horizontal and vertical tilting grinding table
    When working with a vertical grinding table, the angled table with scale and transverse stop is an excellent aid.
  • Four belt speeds
  • Safety during grinding
    Undervoltage release, motor protection and emergency stop device contribute to the safety of the machine.
  • Quick band tension
    Fast, trouble-free belt change – so the machine can be changed over to other sanding belts in no time at all.
  • Preseparator for grinding dust with connection piece for suction
    Pre-separators for grinding dust and connection pieces for separate extraction systems are integrated in the machine stand.
  • Exchangeable grinding plate
  • Universal applications
    Square or round workpieces can be optimally deburred or chamfered with the deburring and chamfering device. The chamfer width is infinitely adjustable. Even parts of any length can be chamfered. A deflection roller allows the grinding of outer radii or working on free belts. With a longitudinal stop, parts of any length can also be guided over the grinding belt.
  • Preparation for extensive accessories
    The accessories on offer also offer you the possibility of quick conversion to other applications.
  • CE Conformity
    Legal conformity is a matter of course for us and has just as high a priority as the long-term, targeted and high manufacturing quality of our products.

Technical data

Tape size 200 x 1.800 mm
150 x 1,800 mm
Max. grinding area 200 x 600 mm
Belt speed 5 m/s, 10 m/s, 20 m/s, 30 m/s
Voltage 400 V, 50 Hz, Dr.
Engine power 3,0 kW
Mode S1, IP 54
Dimensions A
460 mm
550 mm
1.045 mm
727 mm
1.010 mm
1.630 mm
490 mm
Weight 45 kg
Color Grey RAL 7040

Dedusting system type KTA 600 (sold separately):

Motor power: 0.55 kW

Suction capacity: 600 m³/h

Weight: 50 kg

Suction KTA 600

  • A compact dedusting unit was developed especially for the B 200/150S – the KTA 600. Space-saving, mounted directly on the machine, this dedusting unit ensures safe extraction of the grinding dust. The extraction volume of 600 m³/h is generously dimensioned, the filter unit can be manually mechanically vibrated.
    Note: This extraction unit is not suitable for grinding aluminium!


  • Longitudinal stop fixed
  • Replacement pocket filter for KTA
  • Angle table, tiltable +45º to -20º with scale and cross stop
  • Table size 190 x 220 mm
  • Deburring and chamfering device, chamfer width infinitely adjustable
    min. Chamfer width: 0.5 x 45º for sheet thickness min. 2 mm max. chamfer width: 10 x 45º
  • Drive pulley as contact roller with cover according to UVV
  • Machine lamp with fluorescent tubes, dustproof design
  • Flexible grinding plate
  • Replacement grinding plate
  • Grinding and fleece belts