BS 75-A – BS 200-A surface belt grinding machine with built-in dust extraction type

These series impresses above all due to the versatility, easy handling, sturdy construction and functional design. The surface belt grinding machine for dry grinding is universally applicable for each grinding task. Machines with belt width of 100 mm or 200 mm are available.

The surface belt grinding machines with built-in wet dust extraction system offer extremely effective extraction of the grinding dust. The dust extraction is built into the machine’s stand.

Not suitable for aluminium processing!

Product features

  • Extremely sturdy machine construction
    Sturdy machine construction ensures vibration-free operation and as a result, a long service life even at high output.
  • Adjustable surface grinding table
    The surface grinding table can be adjusted as desired from horizontal to vertical.
  • Wide range of accessories
    Closed protective edge cases in order to capture dust better, a swiveling surface grinding table (angle table) from -10° to +45°, an additional angle stop with milled T-groove are included in the comprehensive range of accessories.
  • Safety
    The safety of the grinding machines is important to us and is constantly reviewed. This is confirmed by the CE certification of every grinding machine. Built-in belt guard plates as protection against accidental contact are for example standard equipment on the surface belt grinding machines.
  • CE conformity
    Complying with legal requirements is a matter of course for us and has as much priority as the high quality of our production based on the durability and functionality of our products.

Technical data

Surface belt grinding machines

Type BS 75 - A BS 200 - A
Motor output 0,55 kW / 0,7 kW 1,8 kW / 2,2 kW
Speed 1.450 / 2.900 1/min 1.450 / 2.900 1/min
Belt speed 8 m/s; 16 m/s 8 m/s; 16 m/s
Roller-Ø 100 mm 132 mm
Belt dimensions 100 x 950 mm 200 x 1.500 mm


TypeDP 12 - ADP 30 - A
Air volume 6 m³/min 10 m³/min
Max. Low pressure 90 mm WS 140 mm WS
Motor output 0,3 kW 0,6 kW
Speed 2.900 1/min 2.900 1/min
Weight 85 kg 145 kg