Velcro-backed abrasive discs Trizact™

Velcro-backed abrasive discs Trizact™ have been tried and tested abrasives in companies for years. With the pyramid-shaped structure and the three-dimensional abrasive layer of the Trizact™, velcro-backed abrasive wheels can produce an outstandingly fine grinding pattern despite the extreme stock removal rate. The structure of the abrasive guarantees a permanently uniform removal during the entire grinding process.

Often several working steps can be saved by the use of velcro-backked abrasive discs Trizact™ Thus, the Trizact™ principle makes a decisive contribution to increasing quality, reducing costs and at the same time shortening delivery times in the companies.


Velcro abrasive discs Trizact™ are used, among other things, for..:

  • Removing scratches
  • Adjustment of the microsection
  • Pre-polishing for subsequent mirror finish

Materials: titanium, nickel, cobalt, chromium and other stainless steel alloys.

Grain size comparison

The designation of the Trizact™ grain size differs from the grain size according to FEPA. For better assignment and selection of the correct grain size for the Trizact™-Velcro sanding discs, a grain size comparison is shown in the table below.

Grain size comparison
Trizact™ A grain size FEPA Trizact™ A grain size FEPA
A6 2000 A80 240
A16 1200 A90 220
A20 1000 A100 220
A30 600 A110 180
A40 500 A130 150
A45 400 A160 120
A60 320 A300 80
A65 280 --- ---