Pneumatic one-hand tool FAPI-F6

The pneumatic one-hand tool FAPI-F6 can be used with a variety of Picard tools, such as deburring or profile grinding wheels, sisal cord leather brushes or fibre brushes. The low weight and the size of the powerful machine guarantee fatigue-free operation.

We will be happy to provide you with a test device for you to try out.

Product features

  • Safety push button valve with slow start
  • Robust, powerful air motor with Teflon lamellas
  • Hexagonal spindle for direct power transmission
  • Protective shield and hose are basic equipment
  • Easy handling
  • Suitable for wood finish sanding in grain sizes 100 to 180 and intermediate lacquer sanding in grit sizes 180 to 240, also for wax processing with sisal cord leather brushes
  • Very good price/performance ratio


The pneumatic one-hand unit FAPI-F6 is especially suitable for wood finishing and intermediate varnish sanding as well as for wax processing of e.g. wood:

  • Window frame
  • wicker furniture
  • kitchen fronts
  • chairs
  • profiled and difficult to access parts


The unit may only be operated in conjunction with a maintenance unit, i.e. water separator, pressure reducer and oiler (max. 6 bar). Oil dosage: approx. 2 drops of light pneumatic oil per minute. The air hose between the maintenance unit and the unit must not be extended. If the grinding effect decreases, slowly increase the air pressure up to max. 6 bar. For this reason, the maintenance unit should be positioned as close as possible to the workplace.

Technical data

Max. Number of revolutions 900 1/min
Max. Air pressure 6,0 bar
air consumption 4,8 l/sec.
power 190 Watt
hose length ¼" 3,0 m
spindle length 85 mm
Max. Tool diameter 300 mm
Max. Tool width 75 mm
working weight 1,1 kg
color red


Deburring or profile grinding wheel FAPI-FLEX
Grain 100 to 240/511J
250/100/4 x 50 x 50 HX mm
(open version)


250/100/3/1RE x 50 x 50 HX mm
(with support fabric)

Sisal cord leather brush FAPI-SKL
250/170/100 x 50 x 50 HX mm