Round brushes FAPI-ROUND (texturing brushes)

The round brushes FAPI-ROUND are especially suited for rustic texturing on profile boards, beams, etc. The right brush with the best possible surface must be used for texturing.


As a rule, when texturing wood, soft growth rings can be more easily and more deeply brushed out from dryer wood surfaces. Wet and resin-rich wood on the other hand is very difficult to work on. We produce the texturing brushes with stranded wire or silicon carbide bristles (see also brush facing) to achieve different effects. Texturing can take place in one or two work steps:

  • Working in one work step:
    The use of a brush surfaced with silicon carbide bristles gives the wood a light surface texture which gives the wood a lively and rustic look.
  • Working in two work steps:
    To give the wood surface an especially deep texture, in the 1st work step, a stranded wire surfaced brush is used, while in the subsequent treatment (2nd work step) a brush with silicon carbide bristles 1.27/grain 80 is used.

Facing types

Stranded wire

The stranded wire facing is ideally suited for high abrasion on soft and hard wood, whereby the depth of the texture (brushing away the soft growth rings) can be set individually using the cutting speed, the feed, the advance and repetition of the work step.

Silicon carbide bristles

The brush surfaced with silicon carbide bristles is after that used to remove the existing wood fibres to ensure an ideal surface for painting and staining. At the same time, the soft growth rings in the wood’s surface are carved our further.


Diameter: 150 to 250 mm
Width: 30 to 1000 mm
Hole: 10 to 50 mm

Other dimensions on request!