Satin finishing wheels FAPI-SATALO

The choice of the ideal satin finishing wheel with the best suited dimensions, facing and hardness must be determined based on the customer’s requirements. We have many years of experience and would be pleased to advise you by phone or email on a high quality and cost-effective satin finishing wheel for your process.


As a rule the surface treatment of metal takes place with satin finishing wheels which have an aluminium oxide facing. Grinding with this facing produces a silky lustre effect on the workpiece’s surface. This can be varied further with polishing additives. In this case, grinding compounds or grease – in very small quantities– are added.

Material: Stainless steel, copper, brass, aluminium, tin

Workpiece type:Profiled or flat metal pieces

Grinding operation: Surface and profile grinding

Handling: Automated grinding, hand-operated machines, grinding by hand

Examples: Escalators, lift signs, railings, paint preparation, etc.

Optional cutting speed

To achieve best results, the speed should lie between 15-20 m/s. To achieve a perfect surface on the workpiece, it is recommended that the satin finishing wheel runs as slowly as possible while applying light pressure. Higher speeds and higher pressure reduce both the service life of the satin finishing wheel and the quality of the workpiece surface.


As trimming we have the following executions in our program:

Silicon carbideClassification grain faction
Medium 150 - 220
Fine 240 - 320
Very fine 360 - 400
Super fine 500 - 600
Ultra fine 800 - 1000


Various hardnesses of the satin finishing discs are available:

Hardness gradesDescription
H3 soft
H5 medium soft
H7 medium-hard
H10 hard
H12 very hard
RAX extreme hard


Ø d1
[ in mm ]
hole d2
[ in mm ]
Width B
[ in mm ]
Max. speed
[ n max ]
100 25 All widths between
20 mm
1.400 mm
2.900 1/min
150 50 1.900 1/min
200 76 1.500 1/min
250 115 1.150 1/min
300 150 950 1/min
350 200 800 1/min
400 250 750 1/min
450 300 650 1/min

The hole can be varied using an aluminium flange system adaptable to the shaft diameter.