Abrasive sleeves

Abrasive sleeves are used in almost all grinding processes. They are manufactured in a very wide range of dimensions and qualities. Basically, abrasive sleeves are made of abrasive cloth which is wound spirally onto a fabric with a very robust backing. This results in a very long service life in the machining process, for example in metal and wood processing. A distinction is made between cylindrically and conically shaped abrasive sleeves.


Abrasive sleeves are used on matching abrasive sleeve carriers, which are usually driven by hand-held machines (straight grinders, devices with flexible shafts, etc.). Besides other applications, abrasive sleeves are mainly used for…

  • Removal of weld seams in steel structures
  • fine grinding e.g. in apparatus and tank construction
  • Reprocessing during assembly and repair work

An additional advantage of conical abrasive sleeves is that it is very easy to grind out workpiece zones that are very difficult to access due to the smaller radius of the abrasive sleeve that is created by the tool.


A secure fit of the abrasive sleeve on the abrasive sleeve carrier and the resulting very high material removal due to the high aggressiveness of the abrasive can only be guaranteed if the minimum speed is maintained.