Abrasive strip rings FAPI-STRIPS

With the abrasive strip rings, specially selected abrasive cloth in slit form is arranged irregularly with 6 to 12 layers around a steel ring insert. This fill achieves a high abrasive effect. In addition, the machining process is positively influenced by the highest elasticity of the abrasive cloth flaps and thus optimum adaptability to the workpiece.

The air-cooled abrasive strip ring allows strong contact pressure and high speed without heating and/or burning.

The abrasive strip rings can be used both individually and as a roller by stringing together several individual abrasive strip rings. The widths of the abrasive strip rings can therefore be adjusted as required.


6 to 12 layers in various abrasive cloth qualities in grit sizes 120 to 400.

The strips can be fixed with a steel ring insert or a cardboard core.


For deburring, rounding and grinding of mainly contoured workpieces/materials on automatic grinding and polishing machines and/or for manual processing on the polishing stand.


Diameter: 100 to 500 mm

Width: 20 to 25 mm