Grinding disc FAPI-ATTACK

The grinding disc FAPI-ATTACK is ideally suited for extremely aggressive grinding work and is primarily used for aggressive grinding both on the surface and on the edge.

Product features

  • Greatest possible aggressive
    High performance in manufacturing. With a wide range of grinding materials for the surface and a precisely calculated angle position of the abrasive cloth flaps highest possible grinding output can be achieved with good surface quality at the same time.
  • Enormous service life
    The service life of the grinding disc FAPI-ATTACK is many times longer than the service life for a standard grinding flap discs. In addition, the abrasive cloth surface can be worn to its base. This saves replacement times and contributes significantly to operating 3 cost savings.
  • Best possible surface qualities
    Despite the enormous aggressiveness of the grinding disc FAPI-ATTACK, various surface qualities can be achieved with the selection of the right abrasive cloth. A compromise must be found between grinding output and surface qualitz.
  • Variable design
    The dimensions of the grinding disc FAPI-ATTACK and holder can be tailored individually to processes in your operation. Diameter, facing height, angle position, etc. can be made as desired.


Diameter: 115 / 150 mm

Facing height: 30 mm / according to specification

Hole/thread: M14, 14 mm, 25 mm, with quick clamping system in 14 mm and 25 mm

Grain sizes: 24 / 36 / 40 / 60 / 80 / 120 / according to specifications

Applications: Metalworking (rough roughing, welding, etc.), stone working