Cloth leather lappers FAPI-TL

The choice of the right cloth and leather lapper for polishing with the most suitable facing and the corresponding degree of hardness must be determined customer-specifically according to the respective application. With our many years of experience, we will be pleased to advise you by telephone or on site regarding a high-quality and cost-effective design of cloth leather lappers for your process.


The combination of leather and cloth results in a longer tool life, a better polishing effect and a more even and better deformation (rounding) of the plastic edge than, for example, a polishing ring consisting only of cloth.


Cloth leather lappers are ideal for use on edge banding machines. They are used to smooth the protruding PP (polypropylene) or PA (polyethylene) edges after thermal bonding.

The frequently used polishing rings FAPI-WAVE with wave folding or the fabric polishing rings absorb the glue and plastic residues more intensively than the cloth leather lappers FAPI-TL, whereby the polishing rings FAPI-WAVE with wave folding or the fabric polishing rings harden and have to be removed more often.


After the excess glue edge has been cut to size using scraper blades, the resulting sharp edge must be broken or rounded again.

At the same time, the irregular glue residues must be removed. The frictional heat generated by the use of the cloth leather lappers removes the glue residue and breaks or rounds the sharp edge of the strips.

The cloth leather lapper is mainly used on edge banding machines. Here the cloth leather lapper is used in 45º position with 15º inclination (see pictures).

45° position
15° inclination


Diameter: 160 and 200 mm

Width: 30 mm

Hole: between 12 and 50 mm (standard)

The standard bore can be reduced to any desired size by using reusable aluminium flanges.

Optimum cutting speeds

The optimum cutting speed for all cloth and leather lappers is 10 to 15 m/s.

Maximum speed

For cloth leather lappers with a diameter of 160 mm, the maximum speed is 1,850 rpm. For cloth leather lappers with a diameter of 200 mm, the maximum speed is 1,450 rpm.