Serrated grinding wheels FAPI-SERRA

The selection of the right serration grinding wheel for the grinding of knives, scissors, forceps, tongs, surgical instruments, etc. with the best suited serration and satisfying the highest requirements for quality, must be determined based on the customer’s requirements. We have many years of experience and would be pleased to advise you by phone or email on a high quality and cost-effective serration grinding wheel for your process.


The serration grinding wheel’s base body is made of aluminium. This aluminium base is surfaced with a coating in which depending on the shape of the profile the serration is provided for the application. There are essentially three kinds of serration:

  • Wavy serration
  • Mikro serration / pointed serration
  • Special serration

Profile pattern

The illustrations below show profiles which, beginning at 0,25 mm, can be produced with serration grinding wheels in accordance with DBGM 1648913. A separate serration grinding wheel is needed for each profile. A corresponding wheel width is selected based on the length of the knife.

The numbers indicated on the knife blade identify the individual profile widths measured from point to point.


Serration grinding wheel with a wavy serration for the serration of:

  • Table and household knives
  • Professional, steak and hunting knives
  • Profile grinding of forceps and tongs

Serration grinding wheel with a micro serration for the fine serration of:

  • Surgical instruments
  • Household scissors
  • Barber’s scissors

The micro toothing of the hairdressing scissors should ensure that the hair is held during cutting and that the hair does not slip away.

Serration grinding wheel with a special serration for the serration of:

  • Cutter knives
  • Machine knives


Knives, machine knives, cutter knives

As a rule, the use of grinding oil is recommended during grinding to cool the serration grinding wheel. Then lead the knife blade slowly and lightly to the serration grinding wheel. Make sure that you are working in synchronism, i.e. you are holding the blade downwards while the serration grinding wheel is running in the direction of the person grinding. The burr formed on the back side of the knife during grinding is minor and can be removed with light polishing or subsequent work with a leather, felt, grinding or contact wheel. Constant water cooling or our belt grinding FAPI-OIL is recommended when grinding the profile with machines or cutter knives.


Use a grinding oil to cool the serration grinding wheel during grinding. Lead the blade side of the scissors (outer side) lightly to the serration grinding wheel and avoid applying to much pressure. The serration should take place from the outside to the inside. The burr formed during grinding can be removed using a leather, felt, grinding, polishing or contact wheel or whetstone.

Maximum speed

The maximum speed for the serration grinding wheel results from the diameter:


[ in mm ]
[ in mm ]
[ in mm ]
150 200 250 300
80 20
120 20

◊ = Production type, delivery time on request

Other dimensions on request!

All wheels are available with a water-resistant coating and any desired hole.