Polishing rings FAPI-UNI The polishing rings FAPI-UNI are made from cotton fabric with a 45º diagonal cut in an open, cooling fold and with different numbers of layers and densities. This creates, on the one hand, a firm, aggressive and, on the other hand, a soft, flexible covering for all materials. The air-cooled ring allows strong contact pressure and high speed without heating and/or burning. Polishing rings are often used in the automotive industry.


  • cardboard core
  • without cardboard core
  • Steel ring insert


  • 16 layers
  • in a variety of fabric qualities
  • Other number of layers possible


  • universal


  • Diameter: 150 to 600mm
  • Width: 10 to 25mm
    depending on the number of layers


  • Universally applicable for pre-polishing and polishing of all workpieces/materials
  • on automatic polishing machines and/or for manual processing on a polishing stand.

For gentle cleaning of the running surface and/or for opening if it is clogged with polishing emulsion/paste, we recommend our FAPI-PLANER polishing wheel dresser!