With the newly developed FAPI-SWITCH series, we have succeeded in constructing deflection rollers in a lightweight system design with unprecedented smoothness and ease of movement, which set new standards in the belt grinding process. Due to the flexibility, including in terms of a wide range of dimensions, belt grinding machines of all brands can be equipped with these deflection rollers.

  • system construction
    The components of the deflection roller can be screwed together in the simplest way. If a component fails, it can be replaced in a very short time by simply loosening the screw connections. For example, time-consuming “unbushing” of the deflection pulley or complicated replacement of the bearings are now a thing of the past.
  • Smooth running and ease of movement
    The intelligent storage of the FAPI-SWITCH deflection roller is the “heart”. This ensures the highest possible smoothness and ease of movement during the machining process. The friction of the deflection roller on its axis is reduced to a minimum. In addition, all Picard deflection pulleys are dynamically balanced before delivery, which also contributes significantly to the smooth running and smooth running of the deflection pulley.
    From a design perspective, it should be taken into account that the deflection roller is flush on both sides. Thanks to this design, the sanding dust created in the belt sanding process cannot settle inside the deflection roller and lead to an imbalance in the system.
  • Lightweight construction
    The FAPI-SWITCH deflection pulley is made exclusively from the highest quality aluminum. By using aluminum, an enormous reduction in the weight of the deflection pulley assembly is achieved. Less weight or pressure on the bearings of the deflection roller and machine leads to a longer service life of the systems. An additional advantage of the aluminum version is that the deflection rollers comply with the regulations of BGR 109 (brushing, grinding and polishing aluminum) and can therefore be used for aluminum grinding without any problems.
  • Highly abrasion-resistant covering
    You can choose between three different covering options (Vulkollan®, NBR or LongLife covering). In order to optimally design the belt grinding process in the company and to maximize the service life of the deflection roller covering, we recommend using the highly abrasion-resistant elastomer Vulkollan®.
  • Possibility to apply a new covering several times
    FAPI-SWITCH series deflection pulleys can be coated several times.
  • Optimal sanding belt guidance
    In order to ensure optimal sanding belt guidance during belt sanding, the covering of the FAPI-SWITCH deflection rollers is convex. If the FAPI-SWITCH deflection rollers are used for wet grinding, they can be grooved. This completely avoids the risk of aquaplaning during wet grinding.
  • Various dimensions
    We manufacture our deflection pulleys in a wide variety of diameters and widths. The standard dimensions can be delivered from stock within a very short time.
  • Optimal price-performance ratio
    When developing the FAPI-SWITCH deflection pulley, quality, customer benefit and a cost-effective design were of utmost importance to us.

Picard tip:
Deflection pulleys without coating, i.e. pure metal deflection pulleys, are often used. Problems arise with these deflection rollers after a certain period of use regarding the sanding belt guidance. When the sanding belt is deflected on the deflection roller, the grain of the sanding belt is pressed through the sanding belt carrier onto the surface of the deflection roller. After a while, the track of the sanding belt will appear on the metal body of the deflection roller. This effect is further enhanced if (very) coarse grits are used in the sanding process. With a “run-in” deflection roller, optimal sanding belt guidance is no longer possible.
As a countermeasure, the metal deflection roller can perhaps be reworked/retightened again, but after the second use it has usually reached the end of its life cycle.
For this reason, we strongly recommend using a highly abrasion-resistant coating on the pulley. This increases the life cycle of the deflection pulley many times over. The covering does not break in as quickly as with a metal pulley. In addition, the costs for recoating the deflection roller can be classified as very low compared to buying a new one.FAPI-SWITCH deflection rollers are manufactured with a Vulkollan® coating as standard. The highly abrasion-resistant elastomer Vulkollan® greatly increases the service life of the deflection pulley.Advantages of covering with Vulkollan®:

  • Excellent mechanical wear resistance and very low compression set
  • Good resistance to mineral oils, fats, gasoline and various solvents

Type of covering: Vulkollan®

Surface hardness: 90° Shore (A)

Note:Single or double-sided shaft ends for fixationThe FAPI-SWITCH deflection pulley with NBR coating is an alternative to the coating with Vulkollan®. However, the service life of the deflection pulley with an NBR coating is significantly shorter than the coating with Vulkollan®.Advantages of covering with NBR:

  • moderate wear resistance and low compression set
  • Good resistance to mineral oils, fats, gasoline and various solvents

Type of covering: NBR

Surface hardness: 90° Shore (A)

Note:Single or double-sided shaft ends for fixationThe FAPI-SWITCH LONGLIFE deflection pulley was designed for demanding applications. The covering of the FAPI-SWITCH LONGLIFE deflection roller has a longer service life than conventional deflection rollersType of covering: Special LONGLIFE covering

Note:Single or double-sided shaft ends for fixationPicard tip:
Due to the very stable covering, FAPI-SWITCH LONGLIFE deflection rollers can also be used optimally when the grain side of the sanding belt runs over the deflection roller covering.

polished for grain side
rough: for sanding belt backsDiameter: 100 to 250 mm

Width: 50 to 500 mm, other dimensions on request

Wave: according to specifications

Vulkollan® = registered trademark of the Covestro Group