Deburring discs FAPI-FIT

The deburring discs of the FAPI-FIT series are the ideal tool for deburring on automatic deburring machines and are particularly suitable for machining larger series. Various deburring machines are equipped with right- and left-rotating deburring discs. For this purpose we offer you our FAPI-QUICK-FIT MOUNTING!

The combination of the quick-release system and our FAPI-QUICK-FIT MOUNTING also enables simple mounting and positioning of the deburring discs FAPI-FIT on the deburring machine.

We will be pleased to advise you which fill variant is best suited for your application.

Product features

  • Ultra-fast setup times
    The quick-clamping system allows easy mounting and positioning of the deburring discs FAPI-FIT on the deburring machine.


  • Wide ranging facing materials
    The selection of different densities, fill lengths, abrasive cloth and abrasive fleece types can have a decisive influence on the deburring process. The optimum design of the deburring discs FAPI-FIT can be determined from the process parameters dry or wet grinding, the material to be processed, the material thickness and the desired surface quality or roughness depth.


  • Picard tip
    The coarser the grain size of the deburring disc FAPI-FIT is selected, the stronger the edge rounding on the workpiece becomes.
  • Individual lamellae position
    The deburring disc FAPI-FIT has abrasive cloth flaps on the front which are supported by abrasive fleece flaps. Due to the special position of the flaps, deburring discs FAPI-FIT can be produced individually for the respective machining process.


  • Made in Germany
    Without exception, all Picard tools and of course our deburring disc series are produced in Germany. High-quality deburring tools are our production result, from which you as our customer benefit.

Facing types

Picard Green(Standard fleece) | Soft fleece!
Picard Brown(Standard fleece) | Allrounder!
Picard Dark Grey (Premium fleece) | Smooth and fine!
Picard Blue (Premium fleece) | Self-sharping!
Picard Violet(Premium fleece) | High-grade!
Picard Yellow(Special fleece) | Wet & dry! Versatility!
Picard Maroon(Standard fleece) | 1st in high stock removal!
Picard Sand(Special fleece) | Cut and polish!
Picard Grey(Standard fleece) | Sharp grit!
Picard Red(Special fleece) | Rough and strong!
Picard Dark Blue(Special fleece) | Wide and flexible!
Picard GRV(Special fleece) | The water-resistant!

For further information about the abrasive fleece qualities please click here.

The deburring result can be decisively influenced by further optimisation of the setting arrangement as a double-row or Y-version.

Facing varieties

Why the different stock arrangements?

The single-row trimming is our standard version. Here we can influence the hardness or flexibility as well as the stock removal rate by using different non-woven abrasive variants in combination with abrasive cloth.

With our Y-version the fill is evenly compacted. Here the fill material is evenly distributed on the outer circumference and towards the centre of the deburring disc. This arrangement enables a higher removal rate to be achieved, as the fill can then be better adapted to contour-rich cut-outs.

The double-row version is the variant with the highest flexibility. By dividing the fill width, the fill can adapt even better to the edge and thus also deburr smaller cut-outs better. The fill hardness can also be adjusted by using our grinding fleece variants.

single-row (standard)

Running directions

Deburring disc FAPI-FIT for clockwise rotation
Deburring disc FAPI-FIT for left-hand rotation
running directions

Various deburring machines are equipped with right- and left-rotating deburring discs. For this purpose we offer our FAPI-QUICK-FIT MOUNTING!


Tool change in the twinkling of an eye!

A one-time conversion to the FAPI-QUICK-FIT MOUNTING makes costly tool changes a thing of the past.

Adapter suitable for various deburring machines with deburring discs in diameters from 150 mm to 200 mm.


After the sheet metal has been punched, flame-cut, lasered or cut with a water jet, for example, a burr is usually created at the interface. This can best be removed with the aid of deburring discs FAPI-FIT. This deburring or edge rounding of sheet metal parts is carried out on automatic, stationary deburring machines.

Our deburring discs FAPI-FIT can be used on deburring machines of the following manufacturers:

  • Bütfering
  • Löwer
  • RWT
  • Solver
  • Niederberger
  • Vangroenweghe


Diameter: 150 mm
Facing height: 50 mm
Hole: 25 mm + driver holes
+ quick-release system
Total height: 65 mm

Facing width:
38 mm (single-row)
37 mm (Y-version)
30 + 20 mm (double-row)