Deburring segments FAPI-FLEX-SAT

Our patented deburring segments FAPI-FLEX-SAT (patent-no. DE20304860 U1) are the result of the further development of our deburring discs. These advanced deburring segments were developed in cooperation with the Dutch group, Timesavers. Fast, safe and clean deburring or edge rounding of sheet metal is no longer a problem with the use of these tools. The deburring segments can also be adapted individually depending on the application.

Our engineers and application technicians would be pleased to advise you. Our aim is the design of high performance processes, which we would be pleased to realise with you in your business.

Facing types

Picard Brown(Standard fleece) | Allrounder!
Picard Dark Grey(Premium fleece) | Smooth and fine!
Picard Blue(Premium fleece) | Self-sharping!
Picard Violet(Premium fleece) | High-grade!
Picard Yellow(Special fleece) | Wet & dry! Versatility!

Please note, other facing types are available on request!

For further information about the abrasive fleece qualities please click here.


In a deburring segment, abrasive cloth and non-woven material are attached alternately on a wood girder. The customer can select the grain size and quality for both, the abrasive cloth and non-woven material. The so called spacing between the abrasive cloth and non-woven material and the positioning of the lamellae (straight/bevelled) can be varied as desired.Eight deburring segments form a closed circle, which can be used on a Timesavers machine for deburring.


The deburring segments, or the Timesavers machines, are used mainly in the sheet metal industry.

Working with metal:
Burrs occur when for example sheet metal is punched, torch cut, laser cut or cut with a water jet.
These can be removed with the help of a Timesavers machine and the corresponding deburring segments.


Diameter: 900 mm / 1200 mm / 1500 mm
Grain size: 80 / 100 / 120 / 150