Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX

Burrs occur when sheet metal is punched, plasma cut, laser cut, torch cut, etc. With the development of our deburring wheels and deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX, we have successfully addressed the challenge faced in operations to deburr or round the “sharp” edges on workpieces. With the use of these highly versatile tools, both with portable machines and automatic machines, sheet metal can be rounded or deburred optimally.
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Product features

  • Extraordinary increase in service life
    The use of our specially developed deburring wheels and deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX has led to an extreme increase in service life. In practical use it has been proven that, our deburring wheels and deburring rollers have twice or three times the service life compared with conventional wheels and rollers.
  • Axial arrangement of the grinding flaps
    The grinding grain sides of the slitted abrasive cloth flaps are arranged axially on the roller. The knocking against one another of the grinding grain sides and the resulting premature destruction of the grinding facing, which occurs when the abrasive cloth flaps are arranged radially, is avoided.
  • Short equipment set-up times
    The easy assembly or disassembly of the machines allows extremely short set-up times.
  • Extremely high abrasive cloth rate
    An extremely high abrasive cloth rate on the deburring wheels and deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX results in a significant improvement in service life.
  • Variable Dimensions
    It is possible to manufacture deburring rollers in various densities, facing lengths and abrasive cloth types.
  • Versatile areas of application
    The deburring wheels and deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX are used with portable machines as well as with carousel grinding machines and two or multi-roll roller grinding machines.
  • Special abrasive cloth flap designs
    As a standard, the deburring wheels and deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX are provided with abrasive cloth flaps which are continuously slotted.
    As special design, the possibility exists to produce the abrasive cloth flaps with disconnected slits – the so called bridge slot. Thus results in achieving a better surface on small workpieces while using the deburring wheels and deburring rollers.
  • Cost-benefit-relationship
    The cost-benefit-relationship of the deburring wheels and rollers FAPI-FLEX is optimally laid-out for our customers.

Facing types

BROWN (Al₂O₃)Allrounder - suitable for all materials
DENIM (Al₂O₃)Specially for higher steel alloys and stainless steel
VIOLET (CER)For stainless steel resp. high edge rounding
BLACK (SiC)For aluminium and plastics
BLACK SPECIAL (Al₂O₃)If a good rounding with few scratches is required

Variable facing types






We have the right dimensions for your deburring machine! Please see below a small excerpt of the available tool dimensions.

Finishing variants individually adjusted to your process – for a perfect result!

Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX (For Timesavers machines)

TYPE: ROTOR 42 series 1350er – 42 series 1000er – 32 series  1100er

Diameter: 300 mm / 350 mm
Total width: 312 mm / 490 mm / 1000 mm
Hole: 80 mm / 135 mm

Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX (For Weber machines)

TYPE: MRB = multi rotating brushes

Diameter: 250 mm (1100er / 1350er / 1600er)
Total width: 250 mm (1350er + 1600er) / 300 mm (1100er)
Hole: 80 mm

Deburring rollers FAPI-FLEX (For FLADDER® machines)


Diameter: 300 mm / 350 mm / 400 mm
Total width: 262 mm / 340 mm / 350 mm
Hole: 32 mm / 100 mm / 200 mm

Further machine-specific dimensions possible!