Expander wheels FAPI-VU

The expander wheels FAPI-VU are an ideal grinding tool for work with every kind of abrasive sleeve. The expander wheels are supplied only with a special grooved coating of foamed up Vulkollan® , whereby the abrasive sleeve is tensioned during operation by the centrifugal force. The expander wheels with a coating of foamed up Vulkollan® are in practice often simply called “foam expander wheels” or abrasive sleeve holders.


Advantages of the expander wheels with a coating of foamed up Vulkollan® :

  • Wear-resistant
  • Oil-resistant
  • Grease-resistant
  • Acid-resistant

Because of these outstanding properties, the expander wheels FAPI-VU have proven themselves in the market over decades.

Coating hardness

The coating of foamed up Vulkollan® is only available in one level. The foamed up Vulkollan® has a coating hardness of 45° Shore (A). A softer or harder coating would result in individual “ribs” expanding too little or too much during operation as a result of the exerted centrifugal force to tension the abrasive sleeve correctly. On customer’s request, we will also produce expander wheels FAPI-VU in other hardness.

Important: The right expander wheel hardness always depends on the individual application.


In addition to the sale of new expander wheels, as a service, we also recover used expander wheels insofar as we can determine that this is possible. This provides our customers with a cost-effective alternative to the purchase of a new expander wheel.


Diameter: 50 to 450 mm

Width: 20 to 200 mm

Hole: according to specification

Vulkollan® = registered trademark of the Covestro Group